FaB Community Resource Guide

We thought it was a good idea to create a comprehensive guide to the support network that is being built around Flesh & Blood TCG.  We mean for this page to be all-inclusive. If you think there’s something we’ve missed or if you support FaB, please email us with your info and links and we will add it to the list. fabfoundryco@gmail.com
Official Flesh and Blood TCG resources:
How to Play Flesh & Blood TCG:
Deck building, Collection Tracking, Price Guide, and Card Search:
FaB Community Pages/Projects:
Youtube Creators
Consider Liking, Commenting and Subscribing to all the creators below. 
It takes more than just views to grow the channels of our FaB content creators.
Let’s do our part!
Radio Reflex (Podbean) - (Youtube)
Player Blogs
When it comes to acquiring FaB sealed product, we recommend that you first reach out to your favorite local game store (LGS) and find out if they carry our favorite TCG.  If they do… great! Buy from them and help grow the game in your area. If they do not… ask them to investigate and share your enthusiasm for the game.  If you can’t find sealed product locally, consider buying from other physical game stores.
Game Stores with Online Sales Outlets:
Options for finding singles on the secondary market are growing.  Again, first look for acquiring singles cards from your LGS or by trading in your playgroups.  If you can’t find what you are looking for locally, consider buying from FaB Foundry.  All sales qualify for giveaways and all sales go directly back into improving our operations, spreading awareness about the game, and growing the FaB community.
If you can’t find what you looking for from us, here are other outlets: