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FaB Foundry presents the North American FaB Playtest League on Tabletop Simulator.

Your dues get you 4 weeks of Swiss Round Play, entry into the League Tournament and access to the "Hero of the Hill" Blitz event.

Players must have access to Tabletop Simulator, Discord and have a FaBtcg account.

Purchase Tabletop Simulator  - Download Discord - Sign up for a FaBtcg Account

Please submit your FaBtcg Account number and Discord User Name in the "Special Instructions For Seller" section of the Shopping Cart.  An invite to the Foundry discord server will be sent after registration.

The format of Season Three will be Classic Constructed.  Players declare and play with a hero each week with allowance for making changing to decks in between rounds in the name of playtesting and learning.

The Sunday division is designed for players that are looking to play their games in succession.  Each round of Swiss will have a 1 hour time limit and use the new turns rules.  (Expect each week to take about 4 hours total to complete)

Hero Declarations are made on Saturdays

Season Two Sunday Division Round 1 starts at NooN PST on the following Sundays

Week 1 - Sunday, May 16th

Week 2 - Sunday, May 23rd

Week 3 - Sunday, May 30th

Week 4 - Sunday, June 6th

All Day League Tournament - Sunday June 13 at 10 am PST

(Active Participation in Weekly League play is required to qualify for the tournament)

We look forward to hosting a fun and engaging Playtest League for players of all levels to develop their skills and make new FaB friends!