It’s time for our “Mist”serious Giveaway!!!

The 10 Legendaries, 3 Marvels and 1 Fable you see in the picture have been dropped into the Foundry Ship Shields and randomized!
Each MST Blitz Collection and MST Booster Box Pre-Ordered counts as one entry in the drawing. It’s possible to win multiple times!
If you win and are local to the PDX area, your prizes will be here at the shop for pickup.
Winners from afar, your prizes will be packed up and shipped out by Monday.
Since the shields are randomized, there’s a little bit of “Mist”ery as to what you won…
Feel free to post pics/videos and what you won!
And the winners are...

The Winners have been announced in the Foundry Discord...
Foundry Discord Invite
Congrats to all the winners!!!

Both the Heavy Hitters and Part the Mistveil Giveaways have been a big hit with Foundry supporters!
We intend on continuing the tradition with future set releases!

More Pre-Orders Means Bigger Prize Pools
Keep an Eye out for Pre-Orders to Open for the Next set releasing in September!!!

Thank you for supporting our Lil' FaB Operation!

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