Iyslander Decks... Budget vs Optimized

Iyslander Decks... Budget vs Optimized

Written by Kugane 

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Iyslander deck lists are one of the most requested items from my Patreon and Youtube supporters. The main question I keep getting is, "Is card X required?"

Well today, I answer all those questions! I present to you two lists, a budget $130 build and a fully upgraded $1220 build. How much of a win difference do these decks have when navigated properly? Around 5%, which means they are both viable in smaller events.

Links to the Lists:          BUDGET BUILD             UPGRADED BUILD

Iyslander Stormbind

Iyslander, Stormbind; Art by Alexander Mokhov

If you are starting with the budget list, I recommend upgrading it in this order:

1. Storm Striders
This piece lets you combo off in your opponent's turn when their life total is low. It helps close out games you would otherwise lose and is a great piece to have in your collection if you plan to play Wizard in CC. This is an essential piece. If you stop upgrading beyond the Storm Striders, you will probably play the deck at nearly 57 out of its potential 58% winrate.

2. Fyendal Spring Tunic
While you don't use the Tunic in most match-ups, it's excellent against grindier opponents like Guardian. Having it available to you is great since it goes in many decks in general.

3. Crown of Providence
Again, a tremendous generic that goes into several decks and is good against fast decks instead of Coronet Peak. Not super important, but great against decks you will block early anyways.

4. Command and Conquer and Enlightened Strike
E-Strike is likely the better pick if you need to choose, but both are great Majestics and staples for Iyslander. They are worth their price tag in the long run.

5. Alluvion Constellas
You might pick this up before your fifth pick simply because it's incredibly cheap. A great legendary, but usually, you bring it against Runeblades and Iyslander, so the value you get out of it is pretty limited.

6. Heart of Fyendal
Being at lower life means this will likely gain you a life in the early game frequently. An extra life is enormous in FAB, especially with a hero already quite tightly balanced around the 18 life mark. If you can afford one, it is worth it!


Final Thoughts

I hope this starter deck & upgrade guide was helpful to you! The deck is quite challenging to navigate for newer players, but sometimes you need to learn to swim by being thrown into the deep waters. If you are already familiar with the flow of FAB, these decks should be no problem to navigate. Regardless, don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my Youtube channel, and if you have the funds available, please consider donating to my Patreon over at https://patreon.com/KuganeGaming

I hope to see you all soon with another article!

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