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First and foremost, I would like to say Thank You to Sasha, Alan and the rest of the Legend Story Studios team for all of their hard work and dedication towards Flesh & Blood TCG and its bustling community.  Also, Thank You to the countless members of the community helping build the infrastructure around the game. We have a unique opportunity to build a vibrant and inclusive community on top of the foundation laid by LSS and the New Zealand FaB family.  I encourage everyone to practice patience and show compassion as we continue to battle through one of the most unprecedented and uncertain times...

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Ranger -

Today we take a deep dive into what I think is a streamlined Azalea build. Azalea is my first FaB love. I've been building and play testing Azalea with near 100% dedication since March 2020. I've tried a number of different builds and have settled on the list below due to its fun factor and straight forward approach. I feel that Azalea is currently one of the more challenging heroes to play and wanted to share a build that showcases her strengths and versatility. 

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