Classic Battles: Rhinar vs. Dorinthea

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A Classic Battles Box Set includes:

  • 2 ready to play 40-card blitz decks
  • 2 Cold Foil heroes
  • 2 Cold Foil weapons
  • 8 Rainbow Foil equipment cards
  • An illustrated mini lore booklet
  • A quickstart playmat

Flesh and Blood is a hero-centric trading card game. Decks are built with cards representing the actions of your favorite heroes.  Legend Story Studios designed their game with multiple formats in mind - play constructed, blitz, booster draft, sealed deck, or multiplayer.  Player versus environment (PVE) is in the works and planned for future release.  Flesh and Blood TCG is meant to be played... in the flesh and blood.  So grab a few friends, choose your heroes and go to battle!