FaB Foundry presents: The North American Playtest League

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FaB Foundry presents: The North American Playtest League

Since in-person play in North America is severely limited, we aim to provide a fun, safe, virtual way to play Flesh & Blood TCG, make new FaB friends and grow your regional network.

The Playtest League is designed to be a participatory event for players of all levels.

  • Tabletop Simulator with FaB Mods and access to Discord are required.
  • This is a G.E.M. event and play points will be earned.

The League will consist of three divisions:

  • Hard cap of 16 players per division.
  • Divisions differentiated by North American time zones: Pacific/Mountain, Central, and Eastern.
  • North American players may join the division they live in.

The Classic Constructed League will be six weeks:

  • 4 weeks of 3 Swiss Rounds (with a Flex 4th Round)
    • Player will choose a hero at the start of each week and must play with that hero through out the day. Players may make adjustments to decks between rounds in the name of playtesting and learning.
  • A Division Tournament (Active participation during the 4 weeks is mandatory to qualify for the tournament)
  • A League Tournament (involving the Top 4 from each divisional tournament)
    • Deck Lists are mandatory for tournaments and players must use same deck through out each tournament.
  • Central and Eastern Divisions will play on Saturdays:
    • Eastern Round 1 Starts at 3pm EST
    • Central Round 1 Starts at 2:30pm CST
  • Pacific Division will play on Sundays:
    • Pacific Round 1 Starts at 2:30pm PST

League Dues for the entire season are $30 USD.

  • 100% of League Dues will go towards participation awards and prize pools
  • Participation Awards given out to players showing the greatest gamesmanship and comradery
  • Prize pool will be determined before Divisional tournaments.

Season One begins Sat. January 30th/ Sun. January 31st

  • Divisional Tournament – Weekend of February 27th/28th
  • League Tournament – Weekend of March 5th/6th

Spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis and will be available starting Sunday January 24th at NooN PST.

Please ask questions in the comments of this blog post of message OniT directly via Discord of the Foundry Facebook page.

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