TowerNumberNine and his Constructed Dorinthea Build

Deck Teck, Warrior, WTR -

TowerNumberNine and his Constructed Dorinthea Build

Introducing our newest featured content creator.... TowerNumberNine!

Today, Tower brings you his breakdown of his constructed Warrior build that he won our West Coast Play Test League Tournament with. Grab a drink, a snack and a notepad and get ready to dive into another deck tech.

Watch the Deck Tech Video Deck List: HERE

Tower wrote an extensive article on his Warrior experience on his own blog.  Check it out HERE

TowerNumberNine has played several tabletop games competitively, including Android: Netrunner, Legend of the Five Rings, and Star Wars: Legion. Recently, he's shifted more towards Flesh and Blood and writes strategy articles at, as well as streaming on Twitch and posting videos to YouTube.

If you enjoy Tower's content, you can support him by ordering your FaB singles through his contributor link. He receives a small percentage of every sale completed through the link:


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